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What Teen UN Me Offers

A comprehensive high school guidance system that puts you in a perfect position to

Organize your high school experience for maximal success.
Do volunteer work and find enrichment opportunities
Apply for scholarships
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GPA Tracker

Calculate and track your cumulative GPA by entering your grades for full clarity during high school. Make informed decisions by projecting the impact of a grade

Fantastic Factor

Record the characteristics that make you unique and give you a competitive edge. Fulfill each recommended category for maximum impact

Apply to Colleges

Use our shortcuts to the resources needed to apply for university in your senior year of high school


Explore opportunities to volunteer, develop new skills, search and apply for scholarships


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Plan Your Future & Stay Ahead

Teen un me makes it easy to narrow down appropriate choices, widen opportunities and avoid unnecessary time searching online.

Expert Advisors

We have experts with US American educational backgrounds for constant support of Teen UN Me subscribers

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Content is exclusive for Teen UN Me subscribers and is updated and validated by experts




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Teen UN Me is a tool that provides its members the same information available to students at top tier high schools across the United States.