It’s the beginning of your senior year of high school. Look at you! You made it to the final stretch. Senior year of high school is one of life’s pinnacles. It signals the start of your transition from being a teenager to becoming an adult. For many, there is another important transition to plan for….the transition to college or university.
Now is the time to prepare for this transition. College application season has begun! If you are applying for early decision, most universities have a deadline of November 1. Some areas early as October 15. Be sure to check the dates at the University of your choice if you plan to apply early. For regular admissions, you must submit your application by the end of December to be in a good position.
A good guideline is to apply for between 10 to 15 schools. Make sure that two-thirds of the schools are moderate to easily within your reach. Only one third should be a dream or highly competitive schools.
If you have been using our system, you probably already have a wealth of experiences to jazz up your application and personal statements. You also have access to some universal college application services. Just go to the “Get Ahead” tab and choose “Apply to College”. You will also find links to some scholarship services.
Alright! Move forward! Onward and upward! Hooray!