Common College Interview Questions
Q1:  Tell Me About Yourself?
They want to know your story.  Everyone has one; therefore, show them how unique you are. Introduce yourself by placing yourself within a context in society.  Discuss your passion, interests, and hobbies. Be specific but avoid cliché and common descriptions.
Q2: Why Are You Interested In This College?
To answer this question you need to research the college, talk about your interest in the major and the academic program or extracurricular activities. Don’t give reasons like affordability or distance or prestige and rankings.  Show genuine interest
Q3: Why Do You Want to Major in _____?
Here focus on academic goals, inspiration, and benefits for society. Add your personal touch and the experiences that provoked your interest. You could mention how this major will help you pursue your future career. Avoid talking about job benefits like money or prestige.
Q4: What Are Your Academic Strengths?
They would want to know your perspective on your own academic performance. Start thinking about your academic strength then write them down. Don’t give a short answer like “I am talented with arts” or “good with science”, look at those with depth, for example, “I am good at writing or deduction skills”, don’t forget to mention if you are a visual or auditory person. Mention how you practically use those skills to achieve more in school and in your academic future.
Q5: What Are Your Academic Weaknesses? How Have You Addressed Them?
Everyone has weaknesses.  What’s most important is how you address or nullify them.  It is arrogant to say that you have no weaknesses. Your interviewer wants to know the challenges you face and how you overcome them. Tell your own story and explain your strategy.
Q6: What Do You Plan to Contribute to This School?
They are looking for students who will have a positive influence on college. So avoid vague answers like “contribute to a good work environment“, talk more about things you want to achieve while in college, like extracurricular activities, clubs, and community services.
Q7: What Do You Expect to Be Doing 10 Years From Now?
They don’t expect a detailed plan but they want students with direction. However, general answer like “having a successful career and helping the world”, try to be specific like mentioning research you want to part of, you could talk about personal and family goals to real uniqueness.
Q8: What Would You Change About Your High School?
By this question, colleges are trying to understand your priorities, be respectful to your high school, but also be specific. Better to name it IMPROVEMENT think about academic and personal aspects, such as “more resources for music and art department, or library”
Q9: Whom Do You Most Admire?
Be thoughtful in your choice.  Colleges want to get a better look at your values, thus be very specific to why you admire this person. Is this person famous or someone you personally know?  What do you admire in them, and what do they inspire in you?   If possible, prepare this question with that person and see if they reward you with a hug.
Q10: What Is Your Favorite Book?
By knowing your favorite book they gain a better knowledge of your interest and verify that you actually read books. Don’t just mention the book’s name.  Talk briefly about what interest you or why you found it enjoyable or inspiring. What did you learn from the book?  Did it help you get a new perspective or values?
Also, keep updated on current events.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked about news or what you have recently read in articles.
Q11: Why Do You Want to Go to College?
In other words, what makes you want to pursue higher education?  Definitely avoid answers like “my parents want me to or I want to attend parties”.  Give reasons like pursuing future goals, a specific career or passion.  Discuss college activities that will increase your awareness and facilitate your intellectual and emotional growth.
Q12: What Do You Like to Do for Fun?
Try to be specific. Don’t just say “hang out with friends or watch youtube/TV”.  Make your answer deeper and specific to the reason why you do that specific thing. Does this activity help you relax, unwind, or re-invigorate you for a new day? Explore the joy in your activities.
Q13: What Is an Obstacle You’ve Faced and How Did You Get Through It?
Remember all the sweat and tears you experienced.  Now is the time to talk about how you got through it.  Explain the challenge and the plan you had to deal with it and what were the results. The obstacles may be academic or extracurricular, personal or social.
Q14: What Makes You Unique?
It might be hard to give a specific answer as it might be the sum of all the questions above. Try to think about specific traits and demonstration of them that make you stand out. You could always talk to the people around you for their opinion.
Good Luck to you, do your best!