It’s May! You have almost completed your first year of high school. As you approach the summer and reflect on this year, are there things you did well? Are there areas where you can improve? Over the summer you can organize and work independently to improve your deficits or even get help if necessary. There are multiple free resources for this such as Khan Academy ( for help with math and science.
I would also like to impress upon you the importance of doing something useful this summer and keeping out of trouble. Many a teenager has forfeited their future over unfortunate, silly acts during summer breaks. Find a job or volunteer organization. Work hard at it and you will find that it can reap dividends over the coming years. Many works and volunteer opportunities can be found in your local community. Another option is to look at the listings available on the platform. Organizations like Habitat For Humanity are always looking for volunteers and there is an opportunity to master new skills.
OK, be good and enjoy the summer. March forward!