NO. Organisations Destination / Location Note Payment Way Link/ contact
1.      Arts University of Bournemouth – Summer Courses Bournemouth, United Kingdom   In the Arts University of Bournemouth students could enjoy creative artistic summer courses in AUB for ages 14 up to +18, earn credit, have requirements Require FEES/ Financial Support
2.      McGill Summer Academy Canada In this summer program, you will spend 2 weeks of designed classes, workshops, activities, and trips, for high school students currently in grades 10 – 11 Require FEES
3.      Temple University High School Summer Program Japan Spend your summer at japan, enjoy language classes, field trips and exploration in Tokyo and one of four exciting electives for 9th-12th grade, Require FEES
4.      Global Leadership Adventures Multiple Locations Amazing traveling program for teens ages 13 to 18 years old, to volunteer and get different enrichment activities in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Require FEES (for learning programs)
5.      Sustainable Summer Multiple Locations sustainable summer programs for the environment, business & entrepreneurship, energy, food & agriculture, homesteading & self-sufficiency international aid & development, policy & government, sustainable design, building, and urban planning Require FEES (offer very few financial aids)
6.      National Geographic Student expeditions Multiple Locations National Geographic offers high school and middle school summer trips, photo contest, for the 7th -12th grade. USA and Canada residents can apply for national geographic student expeditions scholarship Require FEES  (National Geographic scholarship program)
7.      US Department of State Student Ambassadorships Multiple Locations This program helps students ages 15-18 to engage in workshops, community service activities, team-building exercises, meetings with community leaders, and live with local host families. Require FEES
8.      Rustic Pathways Multiple Locations A website that creates culturally-immersive travel programs for students ages 12 to 22, it has customizable teacher-led trips for school groups, and gap year semesters for recent high school grads. For community service trips. check rustic pathways gap year scholarship Require FEES
9.      Go Over Seas Multiple Locations A great website that offers study abroad, volunteers, teach, internship, gap year, TEFL courses, high school, language schools, tours & trips Require FEES
10.   The Experiment in International Living Multiple Locations Provider of 30 summer abroad programs for high school students in 26 countries, to experience language and culture. Require FEES
11.   Travellers Quest Multiple Locations This website will guide students to find opportunities to study abroad, volunteer abroad, language abroad, gap year, an internship abroad, TEFL, and other related travel programs. Require FEES
12.   The Intern Group Multiple Locations The Intern Group is an organization that offers different internships in multiple places around the world. Require FEES
13.   Just Football Youth Academy UAE It’s Just Football is one of UAE’s leading youth football coaching company operating at some of the world’s best facilities. Require FEES
14.   Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company UAE Theatrical kids will enjoy the all-singing, all-dancing classes, which culminate in an annual showcase at the Madinat Theatre. Require FEES
15.   Classical Ballet at Royal Academy of Dance UAE Classically trained dancers will turn your children into mini ballerinas. Require FEES
16.   Gulf Star Gymnastics Club UAE This gym will help kids start with an introduction to flexibility, stretching, and technique, then move onto more advanced moves and apparatus. Require FEES
17.   Robotics Workshop at Fun Robotics UAE Kids can get hands-on as they learn how to build and program robots. Require FEES
18.   Sports School at Abu Dhabi Country Club UAE After-school activities include football, martial arts, ballet, fitness, basketball, and gymnastics. Require FEES Call (02 657 7777)
19.   Lessons at The Oriental Karate & Kobudo Club UAE Get your kids involved in martial arts and see them complete grades to gain belt ranks. Require FEES or call (02 677 1611)
20.   Music classes at The Rhythm Music Centre UAE The Rhythm Music Centre offers private tuition across a wide variety of instruments, plus vocal lessons for keen singers. Require FEES or call (02 622 6206)
21.   Bodytree Studio UAE Yoga is not just for grown-ups! The Bodytree Studio hosts various classes for kids of all ages. Instructors will teach kids a range of yoga positions, plus techniques that will help youngsters relax and improve flexibility. Require FEES or call (02 443 4448)
22.   Art Central UAE Art Central for fine artworks & picture framing. Provide art and handcraft for different ages. Require FEES
23.   Art Hub UAE Art Hub is an artist community established in the United Arab Emirates. Focused on emerging and established visual artists from across the world, Art Hub Group serves as a platform for interaction between national, regional, and international artists. It is a creative Hub, inspiriting imagination, engaging generations, and transforming people’s lives through art. Require FEES
24.   Jack Lee Art Gallery UAE Jack Lee, an award-winning artist, and entrepreneur provides art classes, teaching oil paintings, portraits and more for different ages. Require FEES
25.   Oxford summer courses United Kingdom Experience great summer education in your subject of interest in the best educational facilities Oxford and Cambridge universities, for ages 9-24 years old. Require FEES
26.   The International Baccalaureate-Pre-IB Summer Course United Kingdom Summer classes for those who want to take IB diploma program Require FEES
27.   Oxbridge Academic Programs United Kingdom, USA Summer study opportunities to adventurous students in grades 7-12. The program offers different courses such as medicine, law, business, and psychology. college preparatory credit: through the University of California San Diego Extension Pre-College Program. Require FEES
28.   Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship USA BFTF has a program to explore American culture and politics. There will be local trips to baseball games, music concerts, and parks. BFT provides opportunities for “follow-on grants” to help you pursue your social entrepreneurship projects, for ages 16-18 years old. Require FEES (Follow-on grants)
29.   Calvin College Entrada Program USA Expand your interest in English, history, biology or psychology. The program needs recommendations and provides college credit with additional exploration of faith for students of USA racial and ethnic minority students (African, Hispanic, Asian or Native Americans). For 11th and 12th grade. Require FEES (provide grant)
30.   RISD Pre-College USA RISD offers foundation art studies courses and that allows students to work within a major of their choice for the summer (six weeks). The program does not require a recommendation, for ages 16-18. Require FEES
31.   Wolfeboro Summer Camp USA The Wolfeboro Summer Camp is 5 weeks of morning classes, afternoon, recreation evening program to help students ages 10-18 to improve study skills and executive function. The program does not require recommendations. Require FEES/ Financial Support
32.   George Washington University: Pre-College Program USA Spend your summer at GWU and get the college experience, learn about art, public policy and administration for ages 14-17. Also, learn about politics, diplomacy, history, biomedical engineering, and museum studies. Scholarships are available. Require FEES/ Financial Support /Scholarships
33.   California College of the Arts: Pre-College Summer USA Polish your artistic talent by taking college-level courses at CCA’s Pre-College Program, learn 2D &3D animation, architecture, ceramics, drawing, creating comics, fashion and more for ages 15-18. Require FEEs /Scholarships
34.   Boston University Summer Journalism Institute USA Boston University offers students opportunities to nourish their journalism writing techniques and experience college life. Require FEE
35.   Berklee Summer Programs USA Fill your summer with music in Berklee summer program for middle school or high school, a college student, or beyond. Programs in music performance, theater, dance, music production, songwriting, opera, and music business. Require FEEs /Scholarships
36.   American University School of Communications: Discover Communication USA Enter the world of communication and entertainment, get to speak with confidence nourish your talent in writing a script, shoot and edit a film. Also, write a news story like a pro, create a digital portfolio, persuade, inform, educate, and entertain. For grades 9 through 12 and there are scholarships. Require FEEs /Scholarships
37.   American University Community of Scholars program USA College credited summer classes to teach global affairs by the AU instructors for high school students, online and actual classes. Require FEES / Limited Scholarships
38.   Otis College of Art and Design- summer program USA Enjoy four-weeks of pre-college art programs of art specialization course and/or drawing studio, the courses are for ages 5 -15 and older. Require FEEs /Scholarships
39.   Syracuse University Summer at Syracuse Program USA Choose your area of interest between 40+ credit & noncredit programs of different areas as art, acting, music, law and many more, in one to six weeks of fun and learning. For high school students. Require FEEs /Scholarships/ Discounts
40.   Custom College Visits USA This company customize on-campus meetings and visits for high school students and their families, to get deep campus experience for an East Coast Colleges Require FEEs
41.   The Reynolds Young Writers Workshop At Denison USA Experience energizing on-campus 8-day program for motivated high school students, who are passionate about writing. juniors and seniors’ students Require FEEs /Financial aid
42.   Duke University: Summer program USA Duke University offers a summer college program for grades 10 – 12, summer academy for grades 9 – 12, accelerated STEM academy for grades 9 – 12 Require FEEs/ Limited Financial Aid
43.   Wake Forest Summer Immersion USA Students dive deep into a field of law, medicine, business, technology and more, with access to world-class faculty, researchers, and industry professionals. Require FEES
44.   Jackson State University: Summer Camp USA Do not miss this summer at Jackson State University, which will host over 30 summer camps on the campus this summer. Programs of academics, art, activities, and sports. Depends on the Program
45.   University of Houston-Downtown USA The University of Houston-Downtown offers different summer camps as CompuCom for ages 10 to 17 include animated, games design, Hardware, and programming courses. Also, Engineering Camp while the focus is on STEM academics for ages 6-15, Science Camp for ages 6-10, Language Camp to learn Spanish and French for ages 6-10, Writing Camp for 7-18, Summer Academy where kids can get intensive SAT training. Require FEES
46.   AMP Global Youth USA Global Scholar is an international relations summer program that builds the knowledge and skills high school students need to make social change on a local and global scale. Require FEES /Scholarships/ Discounts
47.    LEAD Summer Institute. USA Explore your interest in the field of business or engineering through a fun and challenging LEAD Summer Institute. Require FEES
48.   NSLC Leaders USA NSLC offers high school pre-college summer programs and middle school summer enrichment programs that teach students leadership. Require FEES
49.   Spelman College USA The summer program that prepares high school girls majoring in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines can participate in the women in STEM (WiSTEM) summer bridge accelerator. Also, offers art history & curatorial studies program. Require FEES/Sponsored
50.   EXPLO USA Exploration programs encourage students to explore a wide variety of subjects to help them identify their strengths and interests in: Athletics, Business, Law + World Affairs, Cooking + Food Science, Engineering + Design, Language Arts, Math + Logic, Science + Technology Skill Development, Social Science + Culture, Visual + Performing Arts FEEs /Scholarships/ Grants
51.   SMASH USA Is a three-year STEM- intensive residential college prep program that empowers students to deepen their talents and pursue STEM careers, every summer, scholars are immersed in tuition-free studies at leading universities throughout the country. Require FEES
52.   Technology Student Association USA TSA is a national, non-profit organization of middle and high school student members who are engaged in STEM. Require FEES
53.   Jackson State University: Summer Camp USA A summer camp that helps students prepare for STEM, in addition to other enrichment programs Require FEES
54.   TS College Tours USA For international students’ Different options of college tours based on regions. Includes seminars, application Require FEES
55.   Top Tier University Prep- USA This website offers visits to universities along with special classes on essay writing, application review, SAT prep and meeting, university professors. Require FEES
56.   US Department of State Student Ambassadorships USA to other countries This program helps kids to engage in workshops, community service activities, team-building exercises, meetings with community leaders, and live with local host families, for ages 15-18. Require FEEs /Scholarships