This is your year! Congratulations! You have finished one of the hardest years of your life. Freshman year sets the foundation for your high school career. It’s time now to focus on your sophomore year. What are your personal and academic goals? What after school activities will you be a part of? Will you play a sport or run for a student government leadership position?
Whatever you do, keep your grades up! You are still near the beginning of your high school career so if your grades fall, it will be harder (although not impossible), to raise your GPA during your last two years.
Consider volunteer activities now. The weather is still nice and there are many community organizations that are always looking for volunteers. Find an organization you are interested in that promotes goodness. Many hospitals, food pantries, and public service organizations allow high school volunteers and the opportunities are endless. Make some phone calls or ask your counselor, ask your friends, ask the parents of your friends. Volunteering to help those in need teaches you to be empathetic, good and nice to everyone. You will need to develop this skill as knowing how to nurture relationships is a lifetime skill.
Go ahead and do something unique. Something you enjoy!
Be the best for you! Go and get the future of your dreams!!