When was the last time you discussed your future with your parents or a high school counselor? Since this is your senior year of high school, you may have done this many times by now. Depending on your school or personal background you may already be in a perfect position to apply to college or university. By now, you should have taken your SAT or ACT test at least once. You should have a variety of experiences you can pull from for your personal statements and should have some idea what is required to gain college admission to your school of choice.
If you don’t have all of this in place yet, don’t worry. There is still time but time is of the essence. Make an appointment to see your high school counselor and get started. Ask about the college application timeline. Your counselor will be able to provide you with or direct you to all necessary application dates and deadlines. If you haven’t done so already, you will also need to register as soon as possible to take the ACT or SAT.
Be brave and move forward. You can do this. Onward!