It’s time to start considering your choices. By now, most people have an acceptance from at least one if not a few colleges.  Over the next thirty days, most colleges and universities will attempt to fill their freshman classes.  If you have received multiple admissions, you have a very important choice to make.
When evaluating your admissions, it is first important to consider how each university fits into your ultimate goals.  Whatever your intended career, some schools will be a better match than others. You should also consider the financial aid package being offered by each school.  Are you being offered a scholarship from one of your top choices? Considering the long term impact educational debt can have on you, a school that offers scholarship money definitely warrants consideration.  
Once you have made your decision, inform the school and ask what other types of financial aid are available.  Many schools will offer work-study or will give additional funding to students with special abilities (athletic/musical).
You have done well.  Keep going!