As a teenager, my siblings and I would sit at the dinner table with my father and have lively discussions about everything and anything. Often when I am faced with choices or difficult decisions, words of wisdom that my father would bestow during those memorable evenings. “Protect your reputation before you have one” was one of his favorite phrases.
In today’s world of social media, those words are even more important. One bad choice can be “shared” or found discovered through a few clicks on a mobile device or computer. Employers, admission offices and scholarship/grant organizations have been increasingly using social media platforms to research applicants. Be sure that when your name is searched, nothing negative or compromising is discovered.
How do you assure that your personal profile is clear?

  • Be very careful what you post to social media. If you post anything at all, make sure anyone under any circumstance could see it…for the rest of your life.
  • Do not do anything that could get you arrested.
  • Do not allow friends, love interests, or even family to photograph you doing anything that you wouldn’t want to be viewed by the general public.
  • If you are not sure something is appropriate, ask a counselor, parent or teacher you trust…or just don’t post it.

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