Getting Your Jump on Success
Pssst! It’s freshman year. Did you know that you can start preparing for your SAT’s and ACT’s now? These are two exams that should be taken at least once before the end of your Junior year of high school. The scores are one of the factors considered by colleges and universities when you apply for admittance. At some schools, the scores are considered when they are awarding financial aid.
The day I took the SAT, I walked into the exam and took it cold. I remember being a little shocked by the format and the time limits on each section. My teachers had told me to sign up for it during my junior year. I was so glad that I was taking it early because I would have the opportunity to take it a second time at the beginning of my senior year.
After the test, I walked out a little shell shocked, wondering if my fellow students were having the same reaction. The answer was yes and no. There were those like me who were seeing the test for the first time and there were those who had practiced taking this style of test for months or YEARS. They were not only well prepared, but they were also RELAXED.
Studies have shown that students who start practicing for the exams early do better. At Teen U N Me, we are constantly searching for resources to help students for college application. Test prep is a big part of this. Click the link below to be directed to our list of resources.