Happy new year! Are you rested? Great! Let’s move on and talk about college. There are multiple types of institutions of higher learning. There are public colleges and universities that are supported by their home state and there are private colleges and universities that were started by organizations, religious groups or individuals. There are colleges that religious-based, technology-based, focused on the arts or are general liberal arts. After the abolition of slavery, over a hundred colleges were opened to specifically educate individuals of African descent. There are over 100 of these still thriving and educating individuals of all backgrounds today.
What too many people forget is that college is a part of the continuum for educational credibility. Although not everyone requires a college education to be successful, almost all individuals who are successful have one. There are also drastic income differences between those who have college educations and those who don’t.
There are over 5,000 colleges in the US which means there is a good fit for everyone. Start researching schools and talk to your parents or counselor about the various options available to you. Take a look at the TeeNUMe college tab to start a comprehensive search of the various colleges and universities out there.
Be your best you! Go and get the future of your dreams!