The end of the school year is approaching. As you plan for the upcoming summer, I would like to remind you of the important journey you are currently on. You are working to complete your high school education so that you can move on to college or another specialty school that will allow you to attain your dreams. Don’t let foolishness stop you.
The summer is an unstructured time that can work for or against you. FIND SOMETHING USEFUL TO DO! Work on a skill. Do something for your community. Help to plant some flowers at a residential facility while having a chat with someone wiser than yourself. Do a few questions every day to prep for your upcoming ACT/SAT testing.
Whatever you do, stay out of trouble. Avoid individuals who have nothing to lose and will, therefore, risk everything for a few moments of reckless pleasure. Don’t post anything to social media that would not make your mother and grandparents proud. Finally, don’t, don’t, don’t do ANYTHING illegal. The ultimate cost is never worth the gain.
Be the best for you! Go and get the future that you deserve!