You have made it to the end of the year.  Take time to congratulate yourself.  As you reflect on this past year, I’m sure there are things you are proud of and things you would love to forget.  Remember, everything that happens in life is a learning experience.  Until we give in, there are no failures.  Until we reach the goal, our successes strengthen us on our path.
The summer is a great time to address areas where we need extra work.  Did you struggle in math or science?  Spend one hour every morning on Khan academy or check out a math book from the library to practice a few problems a day.  For a few dollars, a workbook can be purchased from a bookstore.  If you need work in English or writing, read, read, READ and write a journal every day.  It’s amazing how much you can grow.
Go on, be the best for you! Go and get the future that you deserve!