Welcome to your freshman year! This is the day that most anticipate with a mixture of excitement and stress. You will have more freedom than ever before. You will choose your own path by choosing from a variety of classes. You will walk amongst the coolest teenagers and attend sporting events. In fact, you may be one of those budding cool athletes, or maybe an aspiring actress, musician or artist. Maybe you are a commuter whiz who has been looking for friends with like minds.
No matter what your interest or intended path, it is often easy to forget why you get up every morning to go to school. You are there to get an education and to build a future. Whether that road for you includes a college education, military service, apprenticeship or a start-up company, quiet as its kept, the freshman year is possibly the most important academic year in high school. It sets the foundation and establishes the tone for the remaining four years. Start your freshman year off strong and the following years will be easier. Slack off and not take it seriously, the remaining years will be an uphill battle.
Why is this? It’s because of a very special number, your grade point average (GPA). The GPA is the average of every grade for EVERY class you ever take in high school. It is the number that tells everyone in your junior and senior year of high school how to did in your classes.
If your GPA is low (less than a 2.7), it will be difficult to gain acceptance into many colleges and impossible to compete for academic scholarships and grants. A high GPA (3.5 or higher), makes you competitive for almost any school. The higher the GPA, the better the chances for you to gain access to the most competitive schools and win scholarships and grants. (For a detailed explanation for how a GPA is calculated, click here).
So there it is. Be sure to responsibly enjoy everything high school has to offer. There will be amazing opportunities and often tough choices. Keep your eyes on your best possible life, study hard and check in with us often. Onward!