College Interview Tips
Even if this is not the first interview in your life, it is the most important. This interview can get you into your dream college. So let’s prepare.
Before Your Interview
-Sleep Well: you need to be focused, attentive and relaxed.  A good nights rest is essential for this.
-Eat Something: A good breakfast the morning of the interview will give you the energy you need; however, be sure to not overeat or eat a starchy meal.
-Dress for Success: Traditional suit business attire is safest.  You can show your character during the interview.  Your unique fashion sense can be displayed later when you start school.   Be sure to check if they have an interview dress code.
-Do Your Research: Do some research on the college and the professors you are going to be interviewing with.  If you are interested in a specific aspect of the school, knowing what makes that program stand out for you compared to the same program at other schools is important
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The Day of Your Interview
-Be On Time: A good model is to try to be 30 minutes early.  Thirty minutes will cover worst-case scenarios like getting lost.  Arrive 30 minutes early, relax and get in your best mindset to show how absolutely amazing you are.
-Chewing Gum: Absolutely NO gum!
-Give in-depth answers to questions: this is your chance to show them who you are. Your interviewers want to know you, short answers might make you look disinterested or worse, uninteresting.   Attempt to engage your interviewer in conversation.
-Breath And Take Your Time: don’t talk too fast or slow.  Remember to breath and talk normally, while avoiding being monotonous or overly emotional.  When asked a question, pause a moment to formulate your thoughts.  This will make you look confident.  Regardless of your political or personal views, avoid being confrontational if your interviewer has opposite opinions.  You will have time to take those differences into consideration when making your final choice.
-Stick To The Truth: Overly embellishing, exaggerating or telling half-truths is extremely risky.  Discovery of your dishonesty can cost you not only your admission to college but your reputation.  Present the best real you possible.  Everyone is unique in some way.  Focus on those characteristics.  They are often your greatest strength.
-Ask Thoughtful Questions: make sure that your questions are not obvious or that they can be found easily on the university’s web page.  Preparing for the interview helps with this.
-Be Yourself: over-prepared speeches with perfect or cliche answers can look artificial and insecure.  Speak from your personal experiences and add your personal touch
-Be Grateful and Be Polite: remember you are in an official interview.  Avoid using slang language,   Show your appreciation by sending your interviewer an email afterward thanking him or her for the time you spent together.  If after the interview you still want to attend the school, let them know.