It’s January. For many students, this represents the second semester. For some, it is a mid-second quarter. The holidays have passed as has the associated school break. As you look forward, the next big break is spring break and then the time we all look forward to….Summertime!
Summertime! Lazy days when you can sleep late, hang out with friends, and catch up on Netflix series. No? Maybe your summer will be spent in summer school, doing an internship or working. Perhaps you will go on a family vacation.
Here’s a thought, you are in high school which means the options for your summer breaks are expansive. What if you used your summer months to improve the life of another individual? What if you could measure the time you spent this summer by the impact you personally had on this world? Sound like a tall order? The truth is that seemingly small selfless actions have huge ripple effects.
As you consider your options for the summer, I invite you to take a look at the community service options on the TeenUNMe website. These are independent organizations dedicated to improving local communities and the world. Talk to your parents about it. Your life can make a difference.